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Indialends Loan App

Today we have brou@ght an application for you, with the help of which you can not only take loan, but you can also check credit score from here. Today we are going to talk about Indialends Loan App. This is an application that provides you a loan sitting at home. Indialends Personal Loan App is the simplest & most secure way to get a loan, which can rectify your financial problems, which you can avail using your mobile phone. Indialends Personal Loan App is operated by Indialends, which is an RBI Registered NBFC. Indialends Personal Loan App obeys all types of laws. So today we are going to tell you about Indialends Personal Loan App only. How much loan can be got from this application. How much interest loan can be obtained from this application. Loan for how long can one get loan from this application? Who can get loan with the help of documents from this application. How to apply for loan from this application? So let’s talk about what is this application?


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Loan Amount  25 Lakh
Interest Rate 10.25%
Tenure Rate 3 Years
Age 18

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Indialends Loan App Review


Indialends Loan App is an online loan application that gives you a loan from the comfort of your home. Indialends Loan App was started on 20,June, 2017 and till date Indialends Loan App has 10,000,000+ downloaders.


Indialends Loan App Loan Amount?


With the help of Indialends Loan App, you can get the loan that you get, up to a minimum of ₹ 10,000. Indialends Loan App gives you a loan of at least ₹10,000. On the other hand, if you want to get maximum loan from here, then you can get loan up to 25,00,000 from here. This means that if you apply for maximum loan from this company then this company can give you loan up to 25,00,000.

Friends, you have come to know about the personal loan given to you with the help of Indialends Loan App, that how much loan will be given to you from here. Now let us talk about what percentage of the loan will be given to you with the help of Indialends Loan App, you get to see the interest rate on that loan.


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Indialands Loan App Interest Rate?

Indialands Loan App Interest Rate?


With the help of Indialends App, you get to see two types of interest rates, just as you get to see two types of different loans here. Through Indialends app, you get to see an interest rate of at least 10.25% and a maximum interest rate of up to 25% is charged to you.

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So after knowing about the interest rate charged by Indialends App, now we give you this information that if you take a personal loan or loan for online shopping from Indialends App, then for how long you will get that loan. Will go


Indialends Loan App Tenure Rate?


There are mainly 2 types of Tenure Rates available from Indialends Loan App. First of all, if you are a salaried person, then you get to see the interest for at least 6 months and maximum up to 12 months from here. And second type, if you are self employed then from here you can get loan for at least 3 years. So in this way you get to see 2 types of Tenure Rate from this application.

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Indialends Loan App Processing Fees?

From here you get to see a processing fee of 1.5% to 6%. It keeps changing with time.

Apart from these, extra charges are also seen for late payment.


Indialends Loan App Documents Required?

  • Aadhar card.
  • pan card.
  • Selfie.


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Suppose you take a loan of Rs.5,000, then you get interest of 24% per annum, you also get time of 95 days. The full interest you have to pay is Rs 312, and the full amount you have to repay is Rs 5312.


Indialends Loan App Eligibility ?

  • You are of age, that age should be 18 years. If you are below 18 years of age then Indialends Loan App will not provide you loan.
  • You are a person working with a salary. In another language, you may or may not have some business of your own, but you must have a job that provides you a certain amount of money.
  • The monthly salary you have, but the monthly salary should be at least ₹ 15,000.
  • You must have a valid PAN card and bank account.
  • You must have an Android phone and an internet connection, which you must have if you are reading this post.

So friends, with the help of this application, you have come to know about what eligibility you have to fulfill on the loan you get to see. Now let’s talk about which documents you will mainly need.

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Indialends Loan App Benefits?

  • You get a good maximum loan amount.
  • You also get more and more time.
  • 100% online process.
  • No salary slip is applicable.
  • No collateral is required.
  • Your loan gets approved.


Indialends Loan App Apply Online?

Indialends Loan App Apply Online?

  • To get a loan with the help of Indialends Loan App, first of all you have to download this application from Google Play Store.
  • After downloading The You have to sign up with the mobile number in Indialends Loan App.
  • You have to keep one thing in mind that whatever mobile number you enter in Indialends Loan App, that mobile number should be linked with your bank account.
  • Then you have to enter some of your information.
  • And then if you are considered valid for this loan then you get permission to give loan.
  • Then after that you have to upload some documents.
  • Then today you want to get loan of such amount, do that amount, they are put in your bank account within time. Money is also transferred to your bank account.


So friends, today we have learned how you can take a loan online from Indialends Loan App sitting at home, how much loan you will get from Indialends Loan App, how much interest will you get if you take loan from Indialends Loan App, you will get loan from Indialends Loan App How much time will be available, what documents will be required for taking loan from Indialends Loan App, what are the benefits of taking loan from Indialends Loan App, who can take loan from Indialends Loan App, Indialends Loan App How to take a loan from, friends, today we have known all this. So friends, if you like our post today, then definitely share our post and if you have any doubt, then definitely tell us in the comment box. So friends, you read this post very carefully and carefully and gave your valuable time, thank you very much for that. See you in the next post.

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