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KreditBee Loan App

KreditBee Loan APP is an application with the help of which you can get loan in 10 minutes. And this loan will be transferred to your bank account within 10 minutes. With the KreditBee Loan App, you can take a loan anytime, anywhere. All you need is a phone and an internet connection. Today we are going to tell you about this application, so read our post carefully till the end.


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KreditBee Loan App Review

KreditBee Loan App is a loan providing application. Which has more than 1 crore downloads on Playstore. This application was launched on May 10, 2018. This application is mainly run by Finnovation Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd company. From here one can take a loan of up to 3 lakhs. So let’s know that how much loan can you get from this application?


KreditBee Loan App Loan Amount ?

KreditBee Loan App Loan Amount ?

With this application one can get loan of minimum 1 thousand and maximum up to 3 lakhs. Now let’s talk about the interest rate, how much interest can you get loan from KreditBee Loan App?



KreditBee Loan App Interest Rate ?

In this application, you get a loan of 1 thousand to 3 lakh, on which you get to see an interest of 0% to 29.95%. You also get loan from here without any interest rate. Now let’s talk about how long the loan will be given to you?


KreditBee Loan App Tenure Rate ?

KreditBee Loan App Tenure Rate ?

From here you get the loan for a minimum of 62 days and a maximum of 24 months.


So now we have learned these main things that how much do you get the loan, on how much interest, for how long? Now let us talk about why you should take a loan from KreditBee Loan App? What are the benefits of taking a loan from here?


Why should I take a loan from the KreditBee Loan App ?

  • From here the loan is approved very quickly. And you get the loan amount transferred to your bank account very quickly.
  • Loans can be found from here to meet all types of needs. If you want to travel, if you want to do shopping, or any other expenses, you can take loan from here for all these.
  • From here you get to see the flexible tenor rate & interest rate. As you get to see interest of at least 0% and maximum 29.95% from here. And you get the loan for a minimum of 62 days and maximum of 24 months.
  • Transparency and Secure Application -: This application works only with those company which are NBFC registered by RBI.

Now we know that how many types of loans you get to see from this application.


 How many types of loans can be availed from KreditBee Loan App?

  • Flexi Personal Loan -: This loan is given for a short period of time, in which a person can take a loan for 2 to 10 months. And that loan can be seen from 1 thousand to 40 thousand. To take this loan, you will need PAN card and address proof as documents.
  • Personal Loan For Salaried –: This loan is mainly for salaried people. From here a person can get a loan of at least 10,000 and maximum up to 3 lakhs. Which he can take for 3 months to 24 months. For this loan, one needs PAN card, address proof and salary proof.
  • Personal Loan For Self Employed -: Under this loan, a person who is self employed can take a loan of minimum 5 thousand and maximum 1.5 lakh. Which he can get for 3 months to 12 months. For this loan, one needs PAN card, address proof and salary proof.
  • Online Purchase Loan -: Under this, you can take a loan to do online shopping. In this you can take loan for amazon, flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, MakeMyTrip, etc. and platforms. And they can be returned later through EMI. To take this loan, you have to provide PAN card and address proof.


KreditBee Loan App Top Features

  • You get 2 to 24 months to repay the loan taken from here. You can choose this according to your wish.
  • This loan is given completely online. There is no paper process here.
  • There are no hidden costs of any kind here.
  • This loan can be available in Hindi and English language, that is, this application works with two languages.

KreditBee Loan App Example

If you take a loan of 50,000 for 12 months, on which you are charged interest at the rate of 20%, and processing fee which you get to see 2.5% i.e. 1250 and the fee charged for new customer which you get 200 gets to see. You are charged GST on onboarding and processing fee which is 261. Some of your interest is 5581. As EMI, you get 4,632, then after deducting the processing fee, you get to see a total amount of 48,289, and you have to return a total amount of 55,581.



KreditBee Loan App Eligibility

  • You must be a citizen of India.
  • You must be older than 21.
  • You should have monthly income source.


How to take loan from KreditBee Loan App?

  • First of all install the KreditBee Loan App.
  • Then sign up with your mobile number.
  • Then you have to fill some of your information, by which you will know whether you are eligible for the loan or not.
  • After that you have to submit your documents will have to be uploaded.
  • Which will include your ID, address proof and PAN card.
  • Then the loan amount will be transferred to your bank account.


KreditBee Loan App Customer Care Number

You can use the number 08044292200 to contact them. Apart from this, you can also use their email id,


So friends, I hope you liked this post of ours. If you have any question related to KreditBee Loan App, then you can ask us. And how did you like this post? Do tell us this too. And also share this post with your friends and relatives.

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